Dan Nielsen

Who I Am

I spent much of my career as a healthcare executive (see bio), and am now a leader, speaker, and author with a broad area of interest. I am passionate about helping others reach their potential and achieve greater success, no matter who you are or how you define it.

I speak on topics that I am passionate about—namely achieving greater success, becoming a better leader, and living an inspired and joy-filled life. There’s nothing better than passing on the wisdom I’ve learned and seeing it make a difference in the lives of others! To learn more about my speaking and my top keynote presentations, please visit My Speaking Page.

In addition to my speaking, I write on these same topics that I am so passionate about. Here on my website I share what I hope you will find to be relevant and inspiring content that will help you on your journey to achieving greater personal, professional, and organizational success. Every week I post tips and strategies for achieving greater success, becoming a better leader, and living an inspired and joy-filled life.

In addition to my regular online columns, I am the author of the books Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower (2017) and Presidential Leadership: Learning from Presidential Libraries & Museums (2013).

To learn more about my books, click here.

I am…
in service to others. I strive to be a builder, a supporter, and a realistic, enthusiastic, consistent encourager. I am an inspirational leader, speaker, and author.

My passion is…
potential. I know there is incredible, virtually unlimited potential in every person, in every place, in every corner of the world. Most people have no idea or understanding of their true potential, and I want to help them discover and apply it!

I used to…
worry too much about what other people think – which is a devastating habit and way of life that crushes and devastates the almost unlimited potential of billions of people.

Now I…
focus on my strengths, my passions, my many blessings, and how I can best serve others. Now I am far too busy, too engaged, and too fulfilled helping others to worry much about what the inevitable critics think.

I want to…
enthusiastically learn, improve, serve, inspire and become the best and most effective inspirational leader I am capable of becoming. No more, no less.

My business helps you…
by equipping, supporting and inspiring you to achieve greater success – however you define it! I know without a doubt that greater success can be achieved through sharing, leveraging and applying the knowledge and wisdom of past and current world-class leaders and achievers – and that’s what I do!

3 things I’ve learned…
1. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”
2. “The future belongs to those who prepare for it.”
3. Life is extremely short! Live, love, serve - and do it now!

3 things I value…
1. Freedom – which is far from free. Freedom to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
2. Family, friends and colleagues. Every aspect of life is about relationships - nothing in life is more important!
3. The opportunity and ability to think, learn, create, imagine, serve and succeed.

3 random facts about me…
1. To pay my way through college, I drove and threw a 50-mile paper route twice a day! I also taught classical and flamenco guitar. 
2. I have personally traveled and taken over 250,000 photos throughout virtually all parts of America the Beautiful.
 3. I memorize inspirational literature as a hobby – yes, as a hobby. I have friends who think I am nuts, but I enjoy it!

3 things on my bucket list…
1. Spend at least a week reading, writing, studying and browsing the aisles of the Library of Congress in Washington DC. 
2. Visit the largest state in America the Beautiful and make my list complete – travel to all fifty states! 
3. Invest most of my assets in the current and future potential of others before my time on this earth is up.