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Dan Nielsen – Leader, Speaker, Author

It is a challenge to find a speaker who will grab and keep the attention of your group. The success of an event greatly depends on the quality of the speaker(s) involved.

Thank you for considering me for your upcoming event. The purpose of this page is to provide you with the necessary information to make the best decision for your organization. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Top Keynote Presentations


Be An Inspirational Leader

Engage, Inspire, Empower

In this keynote based on his book by the same title, Dan Nielsen speaks directly to leaders at all levels, providing insights, encouragement, and proven strategies to help participants become better, more effective inspirational leaders. 

  • Based on extensive research, dozens of interviews, and countless real-life leadership stories.
  • Designed for every leader—regardless of title or level of experience. Without exception, everyone can improve!
  • Appropriate for audiences of all sizes, can be delivered as a keynote or leadership workshop.
  • Completely customizable to fit your organization’s needs.

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Lead with Your Strengths

The Key to Leadership Excellence

Participants will identify their own personal strengths and learn to effectively use them to achieve leadership excellence within their organization. 

  • Based on Dan’s book, Presidential Leadership, this keynote features examples from some of the most successful leaders in the world, including US Presidents.
  • Actively engages participants to identify and effectively use their key strengths to develop excellent leadership.
  • Beneficial for all leaders who desire leadership excellence.
  • Available either as a keynote presentation or a leadership workshop.
  • Completely customizable to fit your organization’s needs.

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Achieve Greater Success

Improve and Leverage Your Strengths

Participants will learn how to achieve greater personal, professional, and organizational success by identifying, improving, and leveraging their own strengths.

  • Inspiring and engaging while offering a refreshing break from the ordinary.
  • Beneficial for all individuals and organizations who desire to achieve greater success.
  • Appropriate for audiences of all sizes.
  • Completely customizable to fit your organization’s needs.

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Sharpen Your Focus

Achieving Clarity for More Effective Leadership

Participants will be provided with proven strategies for achieving and communicating greater clarity. Each concept is illustrated through powerful imagery that features Dan’s personal photography throughout America the beautiful.

  • Actively engages participants as they work through proven strategies to achieve clarity and focus within their organization.
  • Beneficial for all leaders within healthcare who desire greater focus and vision, including both suppliers and providers.
  • Available as a keynote presentation or a leadership workshop.
  • Completely customizable to fit your needs within your organization.

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Be a Lifelong Learner

Achieving Your Highest Priorities & Reaching Your Full Potential

As a fervent believer in life-long learning, Dan Nielsen is constantly seeking the best wisdom and insights from world-class leaders and achievers. Through this process, he has identified key strategies that are essential for achieving greater success in life and business. In this presentation Dan shares these proven, actionable strategies, explaining why they are essential and illustrating each with meaningful, memorable examples.

  • Completely customizable, this presentation features up to 10 unique topic areas that can be hand picked to best fit your orgnization’s needs, focus, and schedule. Topics to choose from include:
    • Being Strategic: Identifying & Pursuing What is Mission Critical
    • Inspirational Leadership: Igniting the Spark Within Those You Lead
    • Culture: Cultivating Your Most Valuable Organizational Asset
    • Action! Taking Risks & Making Things Happen
    • The Best You: Optimizing the Performance of Your Mind & Body
    • Habits: Dictating Your Success & Your Destiny
    • Relationships: The Biggest Challenges & The Greatest Rewards
    • Proactive Partnering: Leveraging the Unlimited Expertise & Wisdom of Others
    • Uniquely You: Standing Out & Providing Unique Value in a Crowded World
    • A Lifelong Philosophy: Pursuing a Worthwhile Mission & Leaving a Powerful Legacy
  • Choosing from the list above, you can select any number and combination of topics you feel will be most relevant to your unique audience. Please allow a minimum of 7 minutes per topic, with an additional 10 minutes for closing remarks. For example, a presentation that includes 5 of the above topics would require at least a 45-minute time slot.

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United States Presidential Libraries & Museums

An Inspirational Tour Through American History

Participants are guided on an inspirational virtual tour through each of the fascinating storehouses of American history known as presidential libraries & museums. Using a selection of photographs from his personal collection, Dan takes participants on a descriptive, visual journey across America, sharing his knowledge and passion for these unique institutions.

  • Dan Nielsen is the author of the book, Presidential Leadership: Learning from United States Presidential Libraries & Museums, and is one of the very few people in the world to have visited, studied, and extensively photographed every United States Presidential Library and Museum in America.
  • This fun, uplifting, and memorable presentation is guaranteed to intrigue participants and kindle curiosity and interest in these fascinating historical places.
  • This keynote is an excellent choice to break up the tedium of long meetings or conferences!

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20 Critical Tips e-Book - 3D cover

20 Critical Tips for Healthcare Leaders

            If you are ready to go further as a healthcare leader, this presentation is for you. Based on the AHL e-book 20 Critical Tips for Healthcare Leaders, this presentation encompasses advice and knowledge from top-level healthcare executives and CEOs throughout America.

  • Follows the philosophy that one of the best ways to learn is from the wisdom and insights of others in leadership positions.
  • Beneficial for all who wish to improve their leadership skills within their organization.
  • Presentation is best utilized as a training workshop for healthcare leadership or as a keynote.
  • Completely customizable to fit your needs within your organization.

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“Dan Nielsen is a gifted facilitator and inspiring presenter. He truly has a passion for leadership and for getting to the heart of the matter. He knows what it takes to motivate both individuals and groups and genuinely leads by the example he sets.”

Sharla K JonesVP, HR Learning & Development Manager, PlainsCapital Bank


Dan masterfully orchestrates an environment where diverse individuals can come together to address major questions facing their organizations. At a time when collaboration is a key to organizational success, his assistance should prove to be of substantial value.”

- Eugene S. Schneller Ph. D, ASU


“Mr. Nielsen was the facilitator of a Leadership Conference with Senior Level “C” Suite attendees. He was engaging and made his role a seamless integration of the entire conference structure. He lead a truly thought provoking and organized event. I hope to have the pleasure of attending another one in the future.”

- Kay White, Senior HR Professional


“Dan’s keynote presentation met all of my expectations and from other comments I heard, it surpassed the expectations of the attendees.... it was refreshing to hear: ‘I am so glad the presentation was something for me, something that I can use in my personal and professional life.' Dan’s presentation kicked off the meeting on a very positive note.”

- Dee Ann Cross, Senior Clinical Manager, Novation


“Dan Nielsen is a man of wisdom and passion. His excellent presentation to the leadership of the Affinity Health System included his inspiring personal story and the wisdom of the ages based on teachings from Benjamin Franklin to Og Mandino. Our team was inspired, intrigued, and challenged by Dan.”

- Dan Neufelder, past CEO, Affinity Health


“Dan is the ultimate professional. He has exceptional relationship development and group facilitation skills. He is a keen observer and is able to offer accurate insights into business relationships.”

- Brenda Moon, Vice President Client Executive, MedAssets


“I enthusiastically recommend Dan... His facilitation skills – whether in a large group or small group setting – are outstanding. Dan’s speaking style is focused, engaging and motivating. He is a friend and a great resource.”

- John Cox, CEO, The Rome Group, Inc.


“Dan is a forward thinking leader who is optimistic, collaborative and open to change. He is trusted and respected by colleagues. His speaking style is enthusiastic, confident and engaging. You know that a successful outcome will be delivered when Dan is leading the way.”

- Rick Provencher, Director Member Solutions, Amerinet


“Dan is a very talented facilitator and presenter... He has the talent to engage his audience due to his wide range of knowledge on many subjects. He is very well read and incorporates his wide breadth of readings into his meeting facilitation or presentations. I highly recommend Dan as a facilitator or presenter.”

- Larry Dooley, VP National Accounts Healthcare Systems, Smith & Nephew


“Dan is a great and inspiring speaker, who connects work with real life, and real life with work in interesting and thought-provoking ways. He understands the challenges that leaders face, and he offers listeners the opportunity to learn something new whenever he is in the room.”

- Lynn Gentry, President, Write Stuff Public Relations


“I’ve known Dan for many years and he has always demonstrated that he is an individual of integrity and character and practices what he preaches. Dan has great insight and an exceptional ability to communicate inspirational and heartfelt messages. It is a privilege to recommend Dan as a skilled facilitator and leader.”

- Sharla K Jones, VP, HR Learning & Development Manager, PlainsCapital Bank


“Dan is a great communicator and inspirational speaker. His message is positive and always very motivating. I recommend Dan to help any organization optimize their employee’s potential.”

- John Penhollow, Director of Corporate Accounts, Medical Action Industries

“Dan is one in a million. His integrity is untouchable. His professional motivation is at its peak and he keeps it there. Probably the most interesting person I know.”

- Bob FurmanRetired Director, YMCA Camp Kitaki


“Dan is a gifted leader who has the extraordinary ability to develop a strategic vision and mobilize an organization to achieve it. He operates with great integrity and character. Dan completely understands business dynamics and utilizes that understanding to optimize exceptional leadership. If you’ve heard Dan lecture, he is an inspiration and motivation to all he reaches. It has been my honor to know him.”

- Stacy Shillan, IV Infusion & Respiratory Services, Walgreens


“Dan is a high energy and creative individual, with decades of experience at the highest levels of healthcare. His management style when I worked for him was inclusive and enthusiastic.”

- Ed Crane, Executive Director, Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center Foundation


“Dan has a passion for leadership and for providing the tools for others to become effective, insightful leaders.”

- Linda DeWolf, Founder, Travel Well


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