6 Tips for Navigating a Job Transition

In a previous interview with Ben McKibbens, the highly successful former CEO of Valley Baptist Health System in south Texas, we had the opportunity to discuss his 5 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. With this in mind, I wanted to further discuss an interview I conducted with executive recruiter and career transition coach John Self.   Job […]

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4 Characteristics for Your A-Team

Throughout the interviews I have conducted for America’s Healthcare Leaders, many of the leaders have discussed the importance of company culture, values, and the alignment of skills for the job.   There was an article published on Inc.com recently titled, “4 Key Things to Consider When Hiring and Building Your A-Team.” In this article, Caitlin McGregor, CEO of Plum, shares […]

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Jeff Sims

Dan, this article is a sledgehammer hitting a nail on the head. Our company has continued to struggle with hiring the right candidates for EXACTLY the 4 points that you address.

I will combine 2 the assessment of the candidates and their soft skills. Too often we get in people that are like a “bull in a china shop”, and either have to replace them, or worse allow them to stay long enough they run off good workers in the company. The investment up front is NOTHING compared to the investment to replace the bull and or others that the bull runs off.

Thank you so much Jeff. I am delighted that the article spoke to you and that you will be able to apply the truths and concepts in your day-to-day leadership responsibilities. And, thank you for reading our articles. All the best!

6 Leadership Habits to Adopt Today

Most of the leaders I have interviewed over the years have shared excellent advice and leadership habits they believe have helped them succeed. It is always encouraging when I hear many of them give the same advice, especially on the habits they feel have contributed most to their success. This consistency of advice from these highly successful leaders is good news for you and me! Here is some […]

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