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“Dan Nielsen is a gifted facilitator and inspiring presenter.  He truly has a passion for leadership and for getting to the heart of the matter.  He knows what it takes to motivate both individuals and groups and genuinely leads by the example he sets.”

– Sharla K Jones, Learning Development Manager,  DFW Airport


“Dan masterfully orchestrates an environment where diverse individuals can come together to address major questions facing their organizations. At a time when collaboration is a key to organizational success, his assistance should prove to be of substantial value.”

– Eugene S. Schneller Ph. D, ASU


“It has been my distinct privilege to know Dan Nielsen for over twenty-five years.  I worked directly with him for five years and learned quickly to appreciate his insight and analytical mind.  He has a grasp of the broad principles of leadership that easily embrace most executive settings; indeed, many business entities do not suffer from a lack of resources but rather from a lack of inspired leadership. Dan has the ability to help you see your potential and bring it to the fore in practical, down-to-earth ways.  Time spent with him will result in your improved performance in your leadership role.”

– William C. Brown, FACHE, President, Bois d’Arc Management Group


“Dan’s keynote presentation met all of my expectations and from other comments I heard, it surpassed the expectations of the attendees. I asked many attendees at networking dinner about their thoughts of Dan’s presentation, and it was refreshing to hear: ‘I am so glad the presentation was something for me, something that I can use in my personal and professional life.‘ I don’t really get to attend anything for me like this anymore, it is usually for my staff. Dan’s presentation kicked off the meeting on a very positive note.”

– Dee Ann Cross, Senior Clinical Manager, Novation


“Dan is the consummate observer of nature and people.  His ability to reflect on what he sees going on in the environment is a tribute to his insight and perspective.  I always look forward to reading his “Tips for Greater Success” because they can be applied to ones professional and personal life through the encounters we experience each day.  His words of wisdom are provocative and inspiring.

– Jerry Nye, Healthcare Executive


“Dan Nielsen proved that an assertive and knowledgeable facilitator can enhance the process without becoming the process.  He was effective without influencing the conversation needlessly.  We will use his services again.”

– Hal Lane, PHTS Employee Benefits Consultant


“Mr. Nielsen was the facilitator of a Leadership Conference with Senior Level “C” Suite attendees.  He was engaging and made his role a seamless integration of the entire conference structure.  He lead a truly thought provoking and organized event.  I hope to have the pleasure of attending another one in the future.”

– Kay White, Senior HR Professional


“By facilitating meaningful discussion among a wide variety of HR professionals while seamlessly blending in his own unique experiences and expertise, Dan Nielsen helped make the learning sessions truly valuable.  It is not an easy task to involve leaders from both large and small organizations in exchanges from which both can benefit and he did it well.  The insights shared by Dan and by others provided learning opportunities for which many of my colleagues have already expressed sincere appreciation.  I look forward to working with him again as the opportunities arise.”

– Douglas Dorman, Greenville Hospital System


“Dan Nielsen did a terrific job of facilitating our recent Leadership Conference for HR Professionals. He engaged all participants and contributed to the discussion in a way that was very well received by these senior healthcare leaders. This was the third year for this event and it was our most successful to date. I attribute much of that success to Dan’s flawless execution. We look forward to working with him again in the future”

– Adam Allen, Executive VP Planning & Marketing


“Dan was given a challenge to challenge us as leaders. His presentation on ‘Leadership Excellence: The Ultimate Strategy for Success’ presented a thoughtful discussion among our 200 leaders. Based on Dan’s experience, presentation and great educational references, many of the leaders have taken action on developing or improving at least one new leadership skill. In fact, the CEO and I are studying together one of Dan’s suggested readings and we’re discussing how we might apply any insights.”

– Vince Gallucci, Chief Administrative Officer, Affinity Health System


“Dan Nielsen is a man of wisdom and passion. His excellent presentation to the leadership of the Affinity Health System included his inspiring personal story and the wisdom of the ages based on teachings from Benjamin Franklin to Og Mandino. Our team was inspired, intrigued, and challenged by Dan.”

– Dan Neufelder, CEO, Affinity Health


“I had the pleasure of working with Dan Nielsen at VHA. Dan created a valuable forum for the leaders of the alliance’s top healthcare organizations, skillfully facilitating the exchange of experiences, best practices and driving numerous quality improvement initiatives. He continues that tremendous service today through the National Institute for Healthcare Leadership. Dan’s lecture series and weekly ‘Tips For Greater Success’ provide inspiration for today’s executives and a compass for aspiring leaders of tomorrow.”

– Kate B. Clark


“I am convinced that Jim Collins had Dan in mind as he wrote about Level 5 leadership in his book, Good to Great. I have known Dan for many years and he stands out as one of those professionals that I can always count on for the best advice and guidance on challenging issues. I admire his depth of knowledge and experience in healthcare leadership and his ability to share his learning with others in ways that are encouraging and connect with each individual. His presentations are unique and grab the attention of participants while providing actionable strategies for moving organizations to greater levels of achievement. All of that – AND – he is genuinely a really nice guy!”

– Pam Bilbrey, Principal Consultant, The Table Group


“Dan is the ultimate professional. He has exceptional relationship development and group facilitation skills. He is a keen observer and is able to offer accurate insights into business relationships.”

– Brenda Moon, Vice President Client Executive, MedAssets


“I enthusiastically recommend Dan. We have known each other for 6 years. Dan’s leadership style is one of inclusion and being a servant leader. He is a forward thinker and a true thought-leader on Leadership Development. He has a strong entrepreneurial orientation. His facilitation skills – whether in a large group or small group setting – are outstanding. Dan’s speaking style is focused, engaging and motivating. He is a friend and a great resource.”

– John Cox, CEO, The Rome Group, Inc.


“I worked in Dan’s chain of command while I was with VHA. Dan is passionate about the big picture and works to find global win-win-win solutions to the issues and problems confronting his industry, i.e., healthcare. The status quo, or how we have always done things are not likely to be the sorts of answers offered by Dan. He will find the steps forward through the foggy gray-area to transparency and clarity. If your organization needs a passionate, engaging leader, or creative problem solver – reach out to Dan!”

– Steve Jenks, Vice President Custom Contracting, Amerinet


“Dan is a forward thinking leader who is optimistic, collaborative and open to change. He is trusted and respected by colleagues. His speaking style is enthusiastic, confident and engaging. You know that a successful outcome will be delivered when Dan is leading the way.”

–  Rick Provencher, Director Member Solutions, Amerinet


“I have known and worked with Dan for many years, as a colleague, service provider and as a business partner. As a colleague working at VHA, Dan was a highly effective and competent organizational leader. As a service provider, I have seen him in action as a facilitator of very diverse groups of senior health care executives and clinical leaders, tackling tough problems, identifying solutions and developing and sharing a vision. Dan has an extraordinarily effective personal style. As a public speaker, he is both personally engaging and intellectually stimulating. In small groups and in one on one situations he is an extremely insightful and constructive business partner. His work at NIHCL is very important and and his published “Tips for Greater Success” are meaningful to our industry.”

– John Burks, Senior Director Strategic Sourcing, Scott & White Healthcare


“It is with genuine enthusiasm that I say a few words of praise for Dan Nielsen. A gentleman and consummate professional, Dan has provided me with such a fresh perspective on the value of networking in healthcare – he is a true artist in the creation of business and personal relationships. My admiration for Dan extends to his entrepreneurial spirit, his faith in all that is good and his authenticity as a human being and servant leader. His words and deeds are truly inspirational and I would whole-heartedly endorse his partnership with any organization.”

– Deb Stargardt, Client Improvement Manager,  Press Ganey Associates


“I worked with Dan during our tenure within VHA and he was always one of the most highly regarded professionals and leaders in the company. His ability to lead and inspire, balanced with his knowledge that a good leader ‘sleeps in the mud alongside his troops’ lead to Dan being a strong and consistent performer.

– Jim Wells, Vice President – Business Development, VHA Texas


“I participated in two different colleague groups led/owned by Dan. He was able to bring different leaders together and create a synergy that bonded this group, professionally and personally. I always considered my “Dan” network groups a great use of my time and resources!”

– Martha McConnell, Owner, Spirit of Caregiving


“I have known and worked with Dan for many years as a member of the organization he founded – the National Institute of Healthcare Leadership (NIHCL). Dan is the consummate professional with strong leadership skills with a kind personal touch. He exhibits confidence in a large group setting and facilitates group discussions, maintaining an appropriate level of control, while encouraging input from attendees on a variety of topics. He is well respected and regarded. He is a pleasure to work with.”

– Paul Butler, Vice President, Vanguard


“Dan is a very talented facilitator/presenter. I have had the unique pleasure of being in conferences where Dan was the facilitator. He has the talent to engage his audience due to his wide range of knowledge on many subjects. He is very well read and incorporates his wide breadth of readings into his meeting facilitation or presentations. I have worked with Dan at the same company for many years and now that we both have moved on to different roles I still have the pleasure of enjoying Dan’s many skills at industry conferences and meetings. I highly recommend Dan as a facilitator for conferences and or as industry expert for presentations.”

– Larry Dooley, VP National Accounts Healthcare Systems, Smith & Nephew


“Dan is a consummate professional with great vision and leadership. He gets things done and motivates those around him in the process. Dan and I both worked at VHA, and I know that he is one of the most passionate individuals you will meet. I consider Dan a trusted colleague in our industry, and I look forward to working with him more closely in the years to come.”

– Patrick Plummer, Founder & CEO, StratCenter.com


“I’ve known Dan for many years and he has always demonstrated that he is an individual of integrity and character and practices what he preaches. Dan has great insight and an exceptional ability to communicate inspirational and heartfelt messages. It is a privilege to recommend Dan as a skilled facilitator and leader.”

– Sharla K Jones, Learning Development Manager, DFW Airport


“Dan is a great communicator and inspirational speaker. His message is positive and always very motivating. I recommend Dan to help any organization optimize their employee’s potential.”

– John Penhollow, Director of Corporate Accounts, Medical Action Industries


“Dan is one in a million. His integrity is untouchable. His professional motivation is at its peak and he keeps it there. Probably the most interesting person I know.”

– Bob Furman


“Dan has a charismatic presence that is infectious. Working with him, I was certain the project would not only be of high quality, but it would also be rewarding for the sense of team work. He is extremely intelligent but that does not get in the way of a common sense approach to problems, making him a great leadership role model.”

– Mari Tietze, Associate Professor, TWU College of Nursing


“I have had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Dan Nielsen in a number of different capacities. I have reported to him; I am a business partner with him; I have hired Dan to facilitate and lead meetings…. across the spectrum, in many different capacties, Dan does a wonderful job. When Dan facilitates a meeting he knows exactly how to engage people and bring life to any subject. Dan also has the God-given ability to present to groups on a variety of subjects, including strategy, leadership, success and a host of other topics. If you are looking for someone to lead, facilitate or present at a meeting, Dan is someone you should consider…. Participants will leave wanting more.”

– Harla Adams, CEO, National Institue for Healthcare Leadership


“Dan is a gifted leader who has the extraordinary ability to develop a strategic vision and mobilize an organization to achieve it. He operates with great integrity and character. Dan is one that possesses broad clinical expertise, and, completely understands the business dynamics and utilizes that understanding to optimize exceptional leadership. If you’ve heard Dan lecture, he is an inspiration and motivation to all he reaches. It has been my honor to know him.”

– Stacy Shillan, IV Infusion & Respiratory Services, Walgreens


“I have worked with Dan for more than 10 years. His leadership and vision has been a key element in improving the revenues of dozens of hospital systems arond the country. Dan has always provided a forum for the open exchange of ideas through VHA and now NIHCL. I have found his events to be well thought-out and very timely.”

– Greg Smith, Owner, Sensible Media Design


“Dan is a seasoned healthcare professional that combines a wealth of experience in both operations and staff leadership roles with strong business acumen. He is a tireless, effective leader that knows how to motivate and work with teams to achieve organizational goals.”

– John Graham, Vice President Finance, VHA


“Dan is a high energy and creative individual, with decades of experience at the highest levels of healthcare. His management style when I worked for him was inclusive and enthusiastic.”

– Ed Crane, Executive Director, Dallas/Fort Worth Medical Center Foundation


“Dan has a passion for leadership and for providing the tools for others to become effective, insightful leaders.”

– Linda DeWolf, Founder, Travel Well


“Dan is a great and inspiring speaker, who connects work with real life, and real life with work in interesting and thought-provoking ways. He understands the challenges that leaders face, and he offers listeners the opportunity to learn something new whenever he is in the room.”

– Lynn Gentry, President, Write Stuff Public Relations


“Dan is a very experienced and thoughtful executive and consultant. His experience spans a broad array of important healthcare challenges and he excelled at each. You will enjoy the experience of working with Dan.”

– Don Arwine, President, Arwine & Associates


“Dan is a highly professional, effective and personable individual. His approach is straight forward, no-nonsense and fun. He used his considerable talents to assist us in maximizing the value of attending our Expo for small suppliers and others not familiar with our industry. I would recommend his work to anyone.”

– Curtis Rooney, President, Healthcare Supply Chain Association

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