Lead With Your Strengths Keynote

Testimonials: Lead With Your Strengths Keynote Presentation

“I really enjoyed listening to Dan and his passion for what he loves. The most unique part of this presentation was all of the pictures… Dan has a unique way of delivering the presidents to us and showing, through his pictures, what presidential libraries and leadership characteristics are via our past leaders of our country.” – Tod Jeffers, Medical Distribution Solutions, Inc. (MDSI)


“It was valuable to learn about the presidents’ leadership qualities in the midst of adversity and difficult decisions made. Also learning about the presidential libraries and the history and making of the USA was very unique. Overall Dan presented a great perspective on the role of leadership and how to apply strengths to be the best leader one can be.”Cynthia Valenta, GE Healthcare (GEHC)


“Excellent presentation! I particularly appreciated the call to action about selecting one leadership strength per week to work on in my own life.” – Russ Sylvester, Tremco Roofing


“I really appreciated this presentation about the leadership attributes of former presidents and how we can include the attributes in our leadership strategies. The pictures of the presidential libraries were fascinating. Overall this was a good walk through the leadership skills and abilities of the past presidents.” – Chris Mackay, Breg Inc.


“I found the most valuable part of the presentation to be Dan’s reflection on the greatest challenges each president faced and how they used their strengths to deal with them.”Jeff DePoy, Olympus America, Inc.


“I enjoyed learning about the history of our great leaders and how it ties to current leadership development… fascinating correlation between history and modern day leadership traits.” – Steve Paul, Breg Inc.


“Dan does a great job of explaining the leadership differences of our presidents, and he makes you want to visit the presidential libraries! He also does a great job of simplifying a difficult subject and not bringing personal feelings into each discussion of the presidents.” – Tom Sweatt, Encompass Group, LLC.


“Valuable and unique… very refreshing focus on positives.”John Northup, Olympus


“The presentation was very informative regarding the presidential libraries, and I appreciated how Dan made attendees think of the leadership qualities they can use daily. Dan is a very passionate presenter. He gets you engaged and keeps you that way throughout.”Bryan Smith, Covidien


“Dan enlightened me on the value of investing time to visit the presidential libraries.” – Randy Bartsch, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Corp.


“The visual journey through the presidential libraries was excellent. Dan uniquely focuses on the strengths of U.S. Presidents in a nonpartisan way.”Manish Singh, Olympus


“I found the emphasis on focusing on your strengths versus weaknesses to be very valuable. I also enjoyed the presidential facts and the historical context for the decisions these leaders made – decisions that impacted them personally as well as the country. Dan presents with great passion and conviction, delivering a message of hope to leaders who must make decisions in volatile times while having the confidence for change.” – Todd Gerwig, GE Healthcare


“Dan’s presentation reminded me how important it is to learn from our past leaders. A unique aspect of the presentation was the references to the presidential museums. Honestly, I had not thought about visiting the museums before, but will definitely do so in the future!” – Glenn Mitchell, AUDIT MicroControls


“I liked the tips on focusing on selected virtues or leadership strengths each week. I also thought the concept of studying presidents—obviously successful leaders—was great. Focusing on successes and strengths rather than failures and weaknesses was especially refreshing.”P. Toby Smith, Carestream Health


“Great idea to focus on one’s strengths, and useful to see how those strengths carried the presidents to greatness.” – Dr. Peggy L. Naas, MD.,  VHA


“All the great pictures made the presentation very unique, and Dan offered a valuable and unique approach to improving and becoming a better leader. The presentation provides not only guidance and positive thoughts to improve one’s leadership, but a feel-good approach working with others. A nice reminder of our great leaders and their strengths.” – Marty Wexler, Masimo Corporation


“The presentation provided new insight into the strengths of these great leaders, and really made me think regarding my own strengths and weaknesses. It made me want to visit all the presidential libraries and museums. A great presentation, very inspirational!” – John Armour, Parallon Business Solutions


“’Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses’ – such a valuable concept! I also appreciated the truth that what got you where you are today will not get you to the next step. Overall, this presentation provided a very interesting look at the strengths of our past leaders.” – Scott Snider, VHA, Inc.


“The historical narrative woven throughout the presentation made it interesting and valuable, and the visual tour and details about the presidential museums made it very unique. Wonderful points were made and history presented. I especially loved the facts about focusing on strengths versus weaknesses.” – Lisa Roman, VHA


“Aligning specific leadership strengths with those of past presidents allows the audience to envision how to embrace and bring forth those qualities within themselves. Sharing his first-hand experience of his travel through the presidential libraries and museums made Dan’s presentation very unique. He guides the audience through the lives of our nation’s former leaders, and highlights the strengths they possessed and that we can learn from and apply in our own leadership.” – Steve Anbertin, MDSI