Book Reviews


Hits the proverbial nail on the head with insights into true leadership

“Anyone in a leadership position or who aspires to be a leader should definitely read this well written and well documented book. History proves great leaders are inspirational and inspire their people by being authentic, engaging, and willing to empower others.

With Be An Inspirational Leader, Dan Nielsen has provided leaders and aspiring leaders a great guidebook with real life examples of what it means to be an authentic, inspirational leader. I highly recommend it to anyone in a leadership position whether it is in business, government, educational, religious or community.

History has demonstrated that those individuals who are recognized as great leaders all share one common trait, they are inspirational. Mr. Nielsen’s book captures the essence of inspirational leadership. Well worth reading.”

Joel Allison (retired CEO, Baylor Scott & White Health)


Usable leadership advice for smaller businesses too

“Our organization works with a lot of new business owners and it is jarring how little really usable leadership advice and literature is available for them. Dan Nielsen absolutely nails it with his new book. There are real life examples and applications for small to mid sized business operators to use every single day when they are leading their troops into battle. Front line leadership is so critical, even (maybe especially!) in smaller organizations, and this book is an easy to read how-to guide. We are now buying lots of copies and making it required reading for the entrepreneurs we work with. It is an invaluable tool for them and increases their chances for success.”

Mike Dewey (Founder & CEO, Hidden Star)


Not your everyday leadership book

“This book is filled (with over 50 contributors) sharing their personal experiences and insights regarding what has made them a successful leader and what they have learned through the years. You will read about success stories and also failures (which we can all learn from). You will want to pick up your copy of Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower and learn from first-hand experiences. This one is a must have in your library!”

Harla Adams (CEO, National Institute of Healthcare Leadership)


Dan Nielsen has done it again.

“Following his first book on lessons gleaned from Presidential Libraries, Dan Nielsen has scored again with a very readable, insightful book containing proven management principles as described by many who have proved them in the crucible of experience. This is one that readers will refer to again and again.”

W. C. Brown (President, Bois D’Arc Management Group)


Very good book!

“I have followed Dan Nielsen’s career/work for years, and he never disappoints. In fact, this is my favorite book he has written. This book is full of real-life examples, stories, quotes and lessons learned by many of the best leaders in American healthcare. Very good book!”

– Hays Waldrop (President & CEO, Institute of Healthcare Executives and Suppliers)


Powerful Book on Inspirational Leadership for the “real world!”

“Dan Nielsen has written a very powerful book on being an Inspirational Leader! Can you be an Effective Leader or a Great Leader or a Successful Leader without being an Inspirational Leader? Even if it is possible is that the legacy you would want to leave in your organization? Dan has spoken with a tremendous list of today’s healthcare leaders in both the provider and supplier networks. What this book brings is not only the leader’s perspective but the perspective and actual stories of the people who surrounded the contributors—peers, direct reports and their leaders. It is a great resource to access so many success stories in one well-written and cogent book! I am honored to have participated in this book. The stories you will find, the life-lessons you will find will help you far beyond anything a single contributor could bring and that to me is the uniqueness that Dan’s years of networking provide! Enjoy this book and buy it for the leaders on your team and those you are mentoring!”

Jack Lawless (Retired Division President, Morrison Management Specialists)


A lifetime of leadership lessons condensed into a single book.

“The body of work completed by Dan was thorough and well done, with many stories and anecdotes that I found helpful and I trust others will too. I found his perspective on a leader’s potential “Fatal Flaw” to be particularly interesting and relevant in our political environment. Dan is an exceptionally thoughtful student of leadership and this book condenses many years of work into an easy to read, insightful and inspirational viewpoint of leadership. Well done Dan.”

Geoff Brenner (President & CEO, TPC)


Dan’s eagerness to share his experience as a proven leader combined with a compilation of many other perspectives on inspiration

“Dan Nielsen has shared a tremendous resource for anyone who aspires to grow as a leader. Dan’s eagerness to share his experience as a proven leader combined with a compilation of many other perspectives on inspirational leadership makes this a great resource for anyone who understands and values diversity of thought. What motivates and inspires others to rally behind a common vision? The answers are found in this wonderful book.”

Brent Leisure (State Parks Division Director, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department)


A road map for anyone wanting to refine their leadership

“This is THE road map for anyone wanting to refine or initiate their way to inspirational leadership. Up to date with the times and technology the only thing left out was advising leaders to share this book with everyone on their team!”

Bob Furman (Retired Director, YMCA Camp Kitaki)


Thoroughly enjoyed the book

“I found this book to be both insightful and practical for everyone, whether you’re an individual with direct reports or not. Since everyone is a leader is some capacity, whether personally or professionally, we can all strive to be more inspirational and make a difference in the lives of those we come in contact with. The concepts and principles to Engage, Inspire and Empower are something we can all aspire to demonstrate. I know I do. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and hearing real-life examples from Dan, as well as other leaders, made the read even more enjoyable.”

Sharla Jones (VP, HR Learning & Development Manager, PlainsCapital Bank)


Both Instructional and Enjoyable to Read

Be An Inspirational Leader gives the new leader excellent guidelines and the seasoned leader good reminders for what it takes to be inspirational and impactful. We all have those experiences we remember of great leadership and people we’d be willing to follow from one company to the next. Dan draws on the experience of dozens of highly successful leaders, and those who remember them, to share stories and scenarios that make the content come to life. This book is a great addition to your career bookshelf and a perfect gift for a newly promoted leader.”

Andrea Overman (Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Outsiders)


An excellent study of successful leadership strategies

“Dan Nielsen’s book, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower, is an excellent, readable study of successful strategies. Dan believes there are leadership qualities in each of us and gives us concrete suggestions on how to develop those qualities. What begins with “self” leads to empowering relationships with those around us in corporations and communities.”

Anne Pogson


Excellent Investment of Time

“Dan’s book is replete with reminders for veteran leaders, redirection for leaders and new ideas. His stories are useful and reading “Be An Inspirational Leader” is an excellent investment of time.”

Jim Grigsby


Loved the Book

“Loved the book! It was an honor to be a part of it, but I especially enjoyed the stories of leadership from everyone else! I often think that being an “inspirational” leader is an art–and yet you’ve managed to package it in a way we can all access. Thank you for the wonderful reminders and for the many new ideas. This is one I’ll read again and again–and recommend to others!”

Christine Márquez-Hudson


Five Stars

“Excellent leadership insights! Dan Nielsen provided a compelling case for personal, professional and organizational success through inspirational leadership.”

Amazon Customer


Wonderful book!

“Once again, Dan Nielsen has provided both example and instruction for achieving true leadership skills. What a book! His previous volume on Presidential Leadership showed people in power positions using their experiences to lead others; this book focuses on ways in which all of us can provide effective leadership, regardless of our position. Thanks, Dan, for ongoing reminders that true leaders lift others up continually. Wonderful book!”

Judy White


Great book!

“Great book! Should be required reading in every healthcare c-suite!”

Michael J. Jones


Best Book I Have Ever Read

“I just finished reading your book, Be An Inspirational Leader. This is the best book I have ever read. I wish I had read it 20 years ago. Thank you!”

Eric Spannenberg