Business Referral Network

If you have interest in joining a simple, hassle-free Business Referral Network for the opportunity to receive substantial referral fees, please contact us by clicking here.

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Business Referral Network Details and Terms:

Requirements for joining the Business Referral Network (BRN)
Must be 18 years or older. To join, simply contact us and let us know that you would like to be included in the BRN. We will need your full name, valid email address, and phone number. Your contact information will be used for the sole purpose of communicating with you regarding the referral program, unless otherwise requested by you.

How to participate in the BRN
There are no obligations; the extent and duration of your participation is solely up to you as a member. During the normal course of your business you simply make referrals at your own prerogative. If your referral results in paid business for us, then we contact you and pay you—or the charity of your choice—10% of the net revenue directly resulting from that referral.

Potential earnings
By participating in the BRN you will have the opportunity to earn significant referral fees, starting at a minimum of $100 and averaging $500 or more per referral. Each referral that results in a paid speaking engagement or other paid business will earn 10% of the net revenue directly resulting from that referral. This applies to speaking engagements and any other programs, products, or services (PPSs) resulting in a net revenue of $1,000 or more. The minimum individual referral fee that can be earned is $100, and there is no maximum amount.

How we will determine owed referral fees
We ask our clients and customers how they heard of us and if someone referred them to us. If a BRN member made the referral, then we contact that individual to thank them, and if paid business directly results from the referral, we follow-up regarding the earned referral fee. In the unlikely situation that our client or customer names two or more BRN members as having referred them to us, we will make every effort to determine who has rightfully earned the referral fee based on the information available and our best judgment.

How we will contact you
In order to receive any referral fees that you have earned, you must provide us with accurate and current contact information, including a valid email address and phone number. We will make up to three attempts to contact you regarding earned referral fees, using the contact information you have provided. If we receive no response from you within thirty days of our last attempt to contact you, then your earned referral fee will be forfeited.

How we will pay you
We will write a check to you or to the charity of your choice and send it to the address you provide. You will be responsible for any taxes associated with your receipt of the referral fee.

Other correspondence
In addition to contact attempts regarding earned referral fees, each BRN member will receive a brief update via email each quarter. Designed to keep BRN members up to date, the email will briefly describe any new programs, products, or services that we offer.

Please contact us with any questions by clicking here.