Be An Inspirational Leader – Workshop


A full or half-day highly interactive and engaging workshop for your team, department, or organization. Participants will be engaged in thought-provoking discussion and asked to complete quick but creative assignments individually and as a group. Each session will be uplifting and inspiring as well as relevant and productive, with a focus on personal, professional, and organizational strategies and impact. Participants will leave the workshop with specific and definitive plans or objectives resulting from the individual and collective knowledge, wisdom, and participation of the group. Individuals and teams will return to their work equipped to leverage their individual and collective strengths to achieve their potential and accomplish great results—at work and in every area of their lives!

About the Speaker/Facilitator

Dan Nielsen, LFACHE

Dan Nielsen spent much of his career as a healthcare executive, including 15 years as a hospital CEO and 15 years as the lead executive and innovator of national healthcare education and networking programs. He has also served as a faculty member at 4 universities and launched several successful businesses. After trying retirement for 7 months, he realized he couldn’t sit still that long, and has been staying busy ever since as an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. [see full bio]

Dan has been writing for many years and has authored 2 books on leadership, Be An Inspirational Leader: Engage, Inspire, Empower (2017) and Presidential Leadership: Learning from United States Presidential Libraries & Museums (2013) [learn more]. He has also published over 700 blog articles on achieving greater success and developing leadership excellence, which can be found on his website,

Dan is an engaging facilitator and speaker with more than 25 years of experience facilitating meetings and workshops and delivering keynotes for groups of all sizes. Participants and event planners alike praise Dan’s ability to engage a room full of people—not merely entertaining them, but inspiring and equipping them to take action on the concepts he presents. [see testimonials]


What to Expect

Typically a half-day workshop lasts 3-4 hours with at least two breaks, and a full-day workshop lasts 6-8 hours, with several breaks and lunch. The breaks will be creatively used to enhance further engagement, learning, and relationship building. While this is a typical schedule, Dan will work to fit your timeframe and preferred schedule. [Note: If your schedule cannot accommodate a large block of time, you may be interested in a shorter facilitated discussion or keynote instead. Please visit the Speaking Page for more information.]

Expect your workshop to be a highly interactive and participative event. There will be a variety of individual and group exercises, with specially designed activities and methods to keep everyone stimulated and involved. Questions, comments, and discussion are invited throughout the session. Dan encourages (but does not force) dialogue and participation from everyone. Regular breaks are scheduled so participants can move around, enjoy refreshments, use the restroom, make phone calls, etc.

This workshop will focus on 3 major goals of inspirational leaders: to Engage, Inspire, and Empower Broken up into those 3 areas of focus, in each session Dan will dive into specific strategies for achieving those goals, including:

  • Building connections with others
  • Investing in those you lead and influence
  • Providing opportunities for learning
  • Creating a compelling vision for the future
  • Demonstrating core values
  • Facilitating growth and excellence
  • Giving authority and encouraging independence

Depending on your desires for the event, Dan often prepares handouts for specific sessions. He can also set up a private webpage where participants can access all relevant content from the session, such as slides, quotes, concepts, strategies, tactics, and links to suggested resources.

Please note, Dan will not copy or duplicate material or content copyrighted by others. However, he will gladly provide the necessary information for participants to find or access such content on their own.



Contact/More Info

To get more information regarding Dan’s availability and fee schedule and to set up a phone call with Dan to discuss what you have in mind for your event, click here. Dan would love to tailor a workshop to meet your needs!