Are You a Micromanager?

Micromanaging is one of those terms you most often hear in association with disliked bosses and disgruntled employees, and you hope it doesn’t apply to you as a leader! So let’s do a quick self-check.

Micromanaging Leaders

The definition of micromanage is “to manage or control with excessive attention to minor details.” To put it bluntly, micromanaging is an indication that you do not really trust those you lead to do the work you’ve assigned them—or at least to do it well. Are you one of those leaders?

For some leaders, relinquishing their hold on certain projects and tasks is very difficult. Greatly invested in the outcome, these leaders simply want to ensure that the work is done “right,” (i.e. done their way), and thus they retain as much control as they can. Are you one of those leaders?

Inspirational Leaders

Inspirational leaders, on the other hand, understand that retaining a tight hold on delegated work is not only inefficient, but is a hindrance to the development of those you lead, ultimately leading to frustration on both ends. They understand the incredible benefits of allowing those they lead to accomplish assignments in their own way. Are you one of those leaders?

Inspirational leaders care deeply about the growth of those they lead, and recognize how micromanaging can quickly stifle and sabotage that growth. They choose instead to intentionally relinquish some measure of control and give authority to those they lead, giving them the opportunity to grow and improve. Are you one of those leaders?


Don’t worry, this isn’t really a test—just some food for thought and an opportunity for a little personal reflection!

And of course, it all comes down to balance. Avoiding micromanaging doesn’t mean giving your employees free reign and being completely hands-off after delegating assignments—there is a balance between exercising excessive control and being completely unengaged and uninformed.

Inspirational leaders find that balance—choosing to be involved and engaged with those they lead, but allowing them the freedom to take initiative, make decisions, and think outside the box.


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I am a leader, speaker, and author who is passionate about Leadership Excellence and Achieiving Greater Success. I am the author of the books Be An Inspirational Leader(2016) and Presidential Leadership (2013), and deliver keynote presentations on those topics and several others.

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