Character: Building A Strong Foundation

Image courtesy of Emily Sirkel

Image courtesy of Emily Sirkel


Yes, talent is important. So is education and experience. But in the end, it is our character that makes or breaks us.” – Michael Hyatt


We typically don’t think much about a house’s foundation until we start noticing cracks in the walls or doors that are sticking. Unfortunately at that point there’s already a problem.


Sometimes the same is true when it comes to character—the foundational qualities that a person’s words and actions are built upon. We often don’t give a person’s character much thought until we start to see telltale signs that something is amiss. Like the door that doesn’t quite line up with its frame anymore, when a person’s behavior doesn’t line up with what they say, we know something is wrong with the foundation.


While most of us are familiar enough with our own houses that we would pretty quickly notice signs of foundation problems, the same is not always true of ourselves. Little cracks might start appearing in our character without us being aware. It might be harsher comments about your boss, longer pauses on questionable pop-up ads, more four-letter words sprinkled into your conversations, or less attention spent on your family. Whatever it may be, when our character suffers, it begins to show.


So how do we build a strong foundation? How do we cultivate positive character? Author and speaker Michael Hyatt shares three areas that greatly impact how our character is shaped:


  • The Input We Consume
  • The Relationships We Pursue
  • The Habits We Acquire


Our character can be built up or eroded by the things we choose to watch, read, or listen to, by the people we spend time with and allow to influence us, and by the choices that soon become habits.


Don’t wait until you notice (or someone points out) ‘cracks in your foundation.’ Be proactive, and choose today to be intentional about forming and maintaining a solid foundation of positive character. Spend time thinking about the input you regularly consume, the relationships you pursue, and the habits that you’ve acquired.


What do you need to change, starting today?


To read the full article by Michael Hyatt, please click here.


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