Complicated is Okay

Image courtesy of Alvin Chua on Flickr

Image courtesy of Alvin Chua on Flickr

It’s not that we’re unable to handle complicated problems,

it’s that we’re afraid to try.” — Seth Godin


We live in a world of “easy.” Billions of dollars are spent in every industry designing and marketing “easier,” “simpler,” and “more convenient” products and methods—most of which we take for granted.


When was the last time you considered how nice it is to have running water or a flushable toilet? Do you think about how quick and convenient it is every time you microwave last night’s leftovers? When you drive an automatic transmission car, do you mentally thank the automobile engineers for designing a car that doesn’t require the use of your left foot?


Most likely you don’t think twice about these everyday conveniences. I know I don’t! And there is certainly nothing wrong with innovation and development of better, more efficient products and methods. However, in our easy-saturated world, we run the risk of never taking… risks.


Why attempt the daunting task of cooking a four-course meal for your anniversary when you could go to a nice Italian restaurant where you neither have to cook or clean up? Why take on a difficult extra project at work when someone else could probably do it just as well? Why pursue a challenging new career when you’re safe and comfortable in your current one? Why make things… complicated?


Challenging. Difficult. Complicated. Risky. We naturally fear these things. But without them, without pushing ourselves and learning to overcome, how would we ever find “easier,” “simpler,” or “more convenient?” Would the world still be a place of innovation and improvement if no one took risks and embraced the complicated? I don’t think so.


Complicated is okay. Don’t be afraid to try. As Seth Godin put it, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.


What do you think, is complicated okay? What is something difficult that you’re glad you pursued? Share in the comments below!

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