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Are you worried about something right now? Chances are you’re worried about several things. Some people are definitely bigger worrywarts than others, but all of us are prone to worry at least a little. Success Video featured Harvey Mackay in a brief audio clip during which he talked about worry and its damaging effects on our life and business. Mackay shared some remarkable statistics regarding worry:

“Approximately 40% of what we worry about never happens! 30% is in the past and can’t be helped. 12% isn’t our business anyway, and 10% is about sickness – real or imagined. Only 8% is worth worrying about.”

Mackay certainly puts things in perspective! 92% of what we typically worry about never happens, can’t be helped, or shouldn’t concern us. Can you imagine worrying 92% less than you do now? How carefree and invigorating life would seem!

Right now you could no doubt list at least 10 things that you are worrying about. Drop 9 of them. If Mackay’s statistics are accurate, 9 out of 10 things you’re worrying about never happen, can’t be helped, or shouldn’t concern you!

If only it were that easy… worry is an emotion, and as much as we may wish it, emotions cannot be flipped on and off like a switch. Our emotions can be easily influenced – by people, circumstances, music, movies, food, medication, etc. – but there really isn’t an “on and off switch.” So how do we stop worrying?

Wisdom and perspective are key! 40% of what we worry about never happens. When you began worrying about some negative possibility, remind yourself that it quite possibly will never happen, so why waste time worrying? 30% of what we worry about is already over. Stop worrying about it. You can’t change it – accept the facts and let it go. 12% of what we worry about isn’t our business. Why worry about something you really have no business worrying about? Remind yourself that it doesn’t concern you, and forget about it! 10% of our worries are related to sickness. While sickness can be a very real concern – worry does not, and will not make it any better. Take necessary measures to prevent or treat sickness, but don’t needlessly worry about it.

And that last 8%? Well, go ahead and worry if you must, but remember, worry – no matter what it’s about – does no good unless you take action.

Here’s a pretty good rule of thumb: If you can truly do something about it, then it’s worth worrying about – but don’t just worry – do something, take action, make something happen! And if you can’t, or won’t do something about it, then stop worrying about it!

To listen to the full audio clip by Success Video, click here.

Discussion: What is something in your life that you have realized you should stop worrying about?


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