Powerful, Positive, Life-Changing, Relationship-Building Words and Concepts

“You were right… I was wrong.”  “You are right… I am wrong.”  “You had it right… I had it wrong.”  “I should not have said what I said… particularly in the way I said it.”  “I acted without accurate, adequate information.  I responded too quickly.”  “In hindsight, I acted selfishly… foolishly… prematurely… without accurate, adequate information.”

“I apologize.  Please forgive me.  I intend to learn and improve from my mistake.”

When communicated with sincerity, the words above are some of the most powerful, positive, life-changing, relationship-building words and concepts any human can speak, write or communicate.

Not one person in the entire world is always right, including you and me.  Not one person in the entire world acts, reacts and speaks accurately and appropriately 100% of the time, including you and me.  Not one person in the entire world always makes the right decisions and choices.  Not one, including you and me!  We all fall far short of perfection… and we always will… for as long as we live on this planet called earth.

Unfortunately, you and I cross paths with people virtually every day, from all walks of life and from all levels of economic and social status, who feel it is beneath them to sincerely and openly apologize and ask for forgiveness.  How unfortunate, immature, self-righteous, and down right self-limiting and stupid!  These people very quickly show themselves, as we all do, for who and what they really are.

The truly great people… those people who are truly self-confident, self-aware, considerate, thoughtful, mature and comfortable in their own skin have no problem whatsoever with appropriate and sincere apologies.  In fact, these people closely monitor their actions (actions always speak so much louder than words) in order to be very much aware of how they are treating other people.  These people are sensitive to those times when inappropriate actions and behaviors call for immediate apologies and a recommitment to learn and improve.  These are the people who build other people up rather than tearing them down.  These people have a worthy vision and mission in life… to consistently add value and to serve others, rather than a self-centered vision and mission that’s “all about me, me, and me.”

If you receive or witness a sincerely delivered apology, you have received or witnessed one of the highest and best levels of maturity, wisdom and communication possible for any human being.  It is beautiful… it is priceless… it has very high impact and is almost sacred.

How about you?  Do you have the sensitivity, self-awareness, maturity, self-confidence, wisdom, competitive greatness and mental peripheral vision necessary to recognize when it is appropriate, even necessary to apologize and ask for forgiveness?

Open, honest, sincere admission of being wrong is far from a sign of weakness.  In fact, it is just the opposite!  Appropriate apologies are very telling, highly transparent and provide great insight regarding the mental health, maturity and potential of the person delivering the apology.  Apologies many times provide a window to the extent to which a person truly desires to grow, improve and make an ever increasing positive impact as they journey through life.

Just for the record, although hopefully I have done this in person, I apologize to each and every person reading this article, for any mistake I may have made or anything I may have done that was not correct, not appropriate, or not in your best interest.  I ask for your forgiveness!  My mission and sincere desire is to spend the rest of my life adding value, building people up, and contributing to the success (however you define success) of those with whom I am blessed to serve… and that includes you!

To err is human.  To not be sensitive to the impact of our mistakes and imperfections on others is blatant selfishness.  To not apologize and to not seek both forgiveness and healing is absolutely inexcusable.

We would all do well to continually remember that the true measure, value and quality of any person, including you and me, is quickly and consistently apparent via our sensitivity to how we treat others, regardless of economic, social and other status.

When communicated with sincerity, the words above are some of the most powerful, positive, life-changing, relationship-building words and concepts any human can speak, write or communicate.

How often do you say them, write them, communicate them, and live them?   If you are like me, probably not often enough!  I invite you to join me in a renewed commitment to sincerely say, write, communicate and live these powerful, positive, life-changing, relationship-building words and concepts far more often.  Please join me.  It’s a win/win/win opportunity for all of us.

And now of course, it’s up to you.

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